Smoke control equipment and air raid shelter

Smoke control

The objective of smoke control is to secure the safe exit of people, facilitate the activities of the fire brigade as well as to reduce damage caused by smoke and other damages, as well as to ensure the bearing capacity of supporting structures. (Ministry of the Interior, decision regarding smoke control equipment 227/651/79); this decree has been revoked, but it is still used when applicable. The decree is in the making). A sufficient smoke control system must be designed and built in the building (Finland's National Building Code E1 11.4.4).

Air raid shelters

In addition to what has been set in the Rescue Act (379/2011), the building owner must also ensure that the requirements set in the decree (Ministry of the Interior, decree on the air raid shelters' technical requirements and the maintenance of the equipment 10.5.2011/506), which concerns the technical features of air raid shelters and the maintenance of the air raid shelters' equipment, are fulfilled. The air raid shelter and the civil defence means and equipment must be kept in such a condition that the air raid shelter can be taken into use within 72 hours (Rescue Act , 379/2011, Section 76).

Keeping up the working condition

By regular inspections (yearly inspections) and maintenances we guarantee the operational preconditions of smoke control equipment in case of a fire and the operational condition of air raid shelter's equipment and devices in sheltering situations (Rescue Act 379/2011 12§). The person in charge of the equipment must be appropriately named and trained. Moreover, clear instructions must be composed for its use and maintenance.

All maintenances and flaws must be recorded in a logbook (maintenance logbook), which should be kept in the smoke control center or fire detector center together with usage and service instructions.

In order to guarantee the working order of the air raid shelter's equipment, they must be inspected and maintained at least every 10 years. An inspection record must be made of the inspection of the equipment, in which the inspections must be recorded equipment-specifically. The inspection record must be presented to rescue authorities upon request (Decree by the Ministry of the Interior10.5.2011/506) .

An extensive and documented (installation certificate/smoke control system) commissioning inspection must be carried out for new equipments. In terms of old equipments there are different types of inspections aiming at ensuring their working condition (periodic inspection), depending on the equipment's reliability category.