The protection of human life is top priority

Whether or not the fire authorities have inspected the property, the liability for fire safety always rests on the property owner or occupant. In case of a fire, the damage to the building and movable property, as well as the cost incurred by an interruption in operations, can be considerable. The protection of human life, however, is always the priority. Take responsibility now and turn to Palokatkomiehet Ltd's expertise!

Our services include fire safety planning and implementation. We provide consultation services in individual fire safety issues as well as entire fire safety packages from start to finish. We implement fire breaks, fire protections and other fire safety procedures with sound expertise.

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Expert services

Our expert services include fire safety surveys and plans, statements, training, rescue plans and safety reports.

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Fire sealings

Fire technical breakings of penetrations of separating structures (heating, plumbing, ventilation and electrical installations) with over 30 years of experience. Fire sealing plans and customized installation training.

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Fire protection

Planning, installations and inspections of fire protections. Our solutions include fire protection of steel/concrete and timber structures with fire protective products (reactive coatings, boards, slab and mat products). Fire protection treatment for materials.

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Smoke control equipment and air raid shelter

Functional smoke control systems reduce damage caused by smoke and secure the safe exit of persons during a fire. Inspection of the current state of air raid shelters and updating the readiness in the spirit of the new Rescue Act are part of the risk management.

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Maintenance and repair

Regular and correctly documented maintenance and repair of compartmentations and fire safety systems save up maintenance costs and ensure that the requirements for proper actions in case of a fire are fulfilled.

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