Expert services

Fire safety of your property consists of the following factors:

  • Surveying the current situation and implementing a possible risk assessment

  • Udating and maintaining the fire technical documentation

  • Planning and implementing the necessary fire technical improvements

  • Ensuring that the proper actions are taken in case of a fire

  • Regular supervision and maintenance

On the basis of these factors, our consultation service tailors the necessary plans and instructions both for existing properties and buildings under construction.

Fire safety surveys and plans

From the perspective of the owners of the property or institution, the optimal solutions are cost-efficient and meet with the requirements in a safe manner. The solutions are found by carrying out a fire safety survey at the property (for instance in terms of compartmentations). At the same time Palokatkomiehet identifies the problems, suggests possible solutions and makes an estimation of the costs involved. The purpose of the survey is to ensure competitive and future-proof fire safety solutions that take the requirements of the property into account. On the basis of our experience, the initial survey made by an expert saves up costs both in terms of planning and implementation. Our experts delve directly into the actual, sometimes hidden, risks and know how to analyze the functionality of existing solutions.

Once the risk survey has been made, the relevant fire safety solutions are designed in cooperation with the user of the property. The solutions focus on minimizing the risks in terms of personnel and assets, as well as on continuity of operations following an accident. The fire safety plan may be implemented comprehensively or by focusing on selected fields, such as compartmentations or smoke control systems. Efficient planning ensures the cost-effective implementation of the safety solutions and their maintenance.

Statements, reports and inspection services

As the experts of structural fire safety we pay visits to the sites whenever necessary. During these visits we analyze the problem, come up with a solution and instruct the customer on how to proceed (report or statement). The inspection and updating of compartmentations of old properties to the level required by the current situation are our core competence. For building projects we can offer the services of a certified fire protection inspector in order to guarantee the quality of fire protection installations of supporting structures.

We also carry out periodic inspections for smoke control systems of old properties and air raid shelters.

Fire sealing and protection plans

We compose plans for fire sealing and fire protection works for people who are starting a building project. At the building stage we make implementation and quality control plans in terms of installation works, which also function as the hand-over material of the project.

Rescue plan

The rescue plan is a plan required by the Rescue Act 379/2011, Section 14, Self-preparedness, which determines that the occupant and industrial operator of the building must be prepared to prevent fires and other dangerous situations, carry out self-directed rescue procedures, secure the safe exit of persons and ensure the protection of persons, property and the environment in dangerous situations.

Furthermore, we compose the procedures that facilitate the rescuing operation in the plan as well as the directives for emergencies. The occupant of the building or site is responsible for compiling the rescue plan. The obligation to make the plan concerns almost all types of buildings (Decree on Rescue Services 407/2001). If a number of industrial operators operate in the same building, the occupant of the building must make a rescue plan in cooperation with the industrial operators. However, the occupant of the building must always compile a rescue plan for the building in cooperation with the industrial operator of the institution and the service and support accommodation referred to in Rescue Act , Section18, if such institutions operate in the same premises.

The rescue plan is revised in connection with the fire inspections. Palokatkomiehet assists in making the required rescue plan, provides the necessary training and advises on the maintenance.

Evacuation safety report or Safety report

The industrial operator referred to in Rescue Act 379/2011, Section 18, must compose a report on how the use of the building or the estate and a person's limited, impaired or deviant ability to function as well as other factors affecting the evacuation safety are taken into consideration when preparing for fires and other emergencies, and in evacuation arrangements thereof (evacuation safety report). The safety report that is compiled for the site in connection with the building permit corresponds to the evacuation safety report. The evacuation safety report must be composed before starting the operations and updated at least every three years, or when the operations undergo significant changes.

The safety report determines the structural and other measures to be taken in order to achieve a sufficient safety level. The safety report is compiled in cooperation with the planners and users of the site, authorities responsible for the safety and other necessary facets. conditions for the safe exit of persons with weakened or limited ability to function (Finland's National Building Code E1, item 11.7). Typical sites are, for instance, sheltered homes (service and support accommodation), hospitals, nursing homes and retirement homes.

A sufficient fire safety level is determined on the basis of the reports. Special attention is paid to people's evacuation and rescuing possibilities. Palokatkomiehet assists the industrial operator/owner of the building in making the safety report and in questions relating to its implementation.