Maintenance and repair

The legislation requires the fulfillment of essential basic requirements - such as fire safety - from constructions, buildings (Essential Requirements) and construction products (Essential Characteristics). Authority requirements are based on these basic features. Installations that are required to function during a fire must be made so that they remain operational for a necessary period of time and the owner or occupant of the building must take care of the operationality of the equipment that serves the fire safety (Finland's National Building Code E1/11.1).

The planners/implementers of buildings and the owners/users of the property must make sure that the measures that advance personal and fire safety are taken. Division of responsibility must be determined and acknowledged, after which the practices for implementing the maintenance must be created. The work may be divided between one's own organization and an external expert according to the resources and needs, while taking the starting points of the property into consideration.

The significance of maintenance as a factor increasing productivity is continuously on the rise. An external service partner could take care of the main part of the implementation, and supervision could be left for own personnel. Our comprehensive supply of services also offers an opportunity to get more services from the same supplier.

Palokatkomiehet has implemented the maintenance of structural fire safety in different sites all over Finland for over two decades. Our customers include major industry corporations, the most significant operators in the telecommunications industry, nationwide estate managers and a remarkable number of individual properties. For us, all our customers are equal!

In our opinion, the risk management of fire safety equals to a successful maintenance. It requires us to take responsibility, forecast different issues and supervise the implementation. We must demand quality both in terms of implementation and solutions. Investment in fire safety is profitable when the maintenance costs remain low, but neglecting the maintenance is, in addition to wasting the original investment, also very expensive because of its consequences. We take care of the fulfillment of the requirements, profitability of the investments made in the fire safety, and - most importantly - keep up the level of risk management required by the fire safety on your behalf.